Planning and Zoning supports Mancos Conservation District's property split

July 25, 2018by ncdea

COLORADO, Mancos CD — The Mancos Conservation District is looking to split its property at 604 Bauer Ave. into a north and a south lot, which was discussed during the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting Wednesday. The proposed property split would result in two equally sized lots.

According to Gretchen Rank, executive director of the district, the current lots are long and narrow, which makes spacing on the property tricky. Additionally, funding for the district relies heavily on grants, so having a more secure source of income would help the district grow.

“It would be definitely securing unrestricted income to the conservation district, but it would also give us the ability to help the town in creating attainable housing for residents here in Mancos,” Rank said.

Source: Planning and Zoning supports Mancos Conservation District’s property split

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