10 Habits for Effective Planners compiled from NCPP Listening Sessions

March 22, 2019by ncdea

To all Conservation Partner Employees,

In an effort to provide you with resources to engage our Farmers, Ranchers and Foresters across the U.S., the National Conservation Planning Partnership (NCPP) has conducted listening sessions to gather feedback and needs from our customers (both internal and external alike). Within these discussions, a common theme occurred with the request to achieve the following goals:

  1. Improve internal communications by using clear and consistent messaging and direction.
  2. Apply transparent, common-sense methodologies to business and planning tools that are customer friendly and that can be tailored to locally-established priorities.
  3. Provide a simplified access point to online tools that will reduce duplication, increase engagement and allow for the expansion of technology to improve the planning process.
  4. Streamline financial assistance program processes to increase workload efficiency and quality assurance.
  5. Review and update policy to ensure ranking criteria is consistent with statutory requirements.
  6. Ensure planners can address diverse customer and resource needs by implementing realistic and effective training options at the national, regional and/or state level.
  7. Promote the benefits of conservation planning and implementation by utilizing results of monitoring and modeling data (e.g., CEAP) as it becomes available that shows the effectiveness of conservation practices.
  8. Adopt a simplified planning process that will increase engagement and allow for the continuous implementation of a conservation plan.

To assist with this effort, a fact sheet has been developed to highlight the 10 habits for effective planners.

This fact sheet will allow for both a refresher and establishing a new thought process for how we provide precise technical assistance to all land users.


The National Conservation Planning Partnership

10 Habits for Effective Planners 3.21.19 v3

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