Pollinator-Friendly Urban Spaces and Working Lands

June 18, 2019by ncdea

CALIFORNIA, Gold Ridge RCD and the RCD of Greater San Diego – The Gold Ridge RCD (GRRCD) and the RCD of Greater San Diego County (RCDGSDC) are working with community members to leverage home gardens, schools, and agricultural lands to create diverse and plentiful pollinator habitat.

Many pollinator species are seeing alarming population declines in California, and habitat loss is a key contributor to the problem. In urban areas, population growth is leading to an increased need for land that can accommodate infrastructure like schools, shopping centers, and residential homes. Land and open space that previously supported natural habitat for pollinators is constantly being converted to support urban growth and industrial development. While urban areas can be a stressor for pollinator species, it also represents an opportunity for conservation and public education. RCDs already work with schools, urban parks, and landscapes/gardens to bring conservation Best Management Practices, educational resources, and technical assistance to diverse communities in urban areas. RCDs also maintain partnerships with local public and private entities in control of properties in and adjacent to urban/wildland interfaces where pollinator support is critical.

Source: Pollinator-Friendly Urban Spaces and Working Lands – California Association of Resource Conservation Districts

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NASCA Executive Director Mike Brown is meeting today with the NCDEA board of directors. Our partnership with state operating agencies -- through NASCA -- is critical in assuring an effective conservation delivery system across the country. #NCDEA #NASCA #ConservationDelivery ...

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Our discussions with Mike Brown (Executive Director, National Association of State Conservation Agencies) are always tremendous. Mike has been, and continues to be, a great help to NCDEA.

Here we see NASCA ED Mike Brown (left), NCDEA ED Rich Duesterhaus (middle), and NCDEA Past President Tim Riley (right). #NCDEA

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