Saving monarchs 'one yard at a time'

June 24, 2019by ncdea

INDIANA, La Porte County SWCD – Local butterfly expert and Master Gardener Jan Koss shared some methods people can use to entice monarch butterflies to their homes during a workshop at the La Porte County Soil and Water Conservation District office Wednesday. The SWCD, Master Gardeners and Natural Resources Conservation Service teamed up to present the event, which drew several dozen attendees.

Although many species of butterflies migrate – often after exhausting a food source in a particular area – monarchs are unique in that they follow a similar annual migration pattern to and from Mexico. Scientists remain puzzled as to why monarchs exhibit this behavior – some theorize it has to do with pursuing a particular food source; some believe it has to do with climate differences; and while others think it could be due to the Earth’s magnetic pull, Koss said.

“The fact that they do it is absolutely fascinating,” she said. “The more you know, the more you want to know about them. How this little tiny insect can do all this is totally fascinating.”

Source: Saving monarchs ‘one yard at a time’ | News |

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Our discussions with Mike Brown (Executive Director, National Association of State Conservation Agencies) are always tremendous. Mike has been, and continues to be, a great help to NCDEA.

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