Spokane County Commissioners raise conservation fees

August 1, 2019by ncdea

WASHINGTON, Spokane CD – Spokane County property owners will soon see a $5 increase in conservation district fees, after the Spokane County Commissioners voted Tuesday to increase the tax for the first time in 21 years.

Most Spokane County residents who pay property taxes have long paid a conservation assessment fee, and the amount changes based on an assessment of the value of the property’s soil. But property owners also paya $5 minimum base fee. That’s the part that changed at Tuesday’s meeting, doubling to $10.

Director of the Spokane Conservation District Vicki Carter said the district operated without asking for a fee increase for years because it has spent Spokane County taxpayer’s money well and budgeted conservatively.

“Simply put, we operate on a very frugal, shoestring budget,” she said.

Source: Spokane County Commissioners raise conservation fees | The Spokesman-Review

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