The idea of forming a national association for conservation district employees was born in 1984

How NCDEA came to be


An idea is born

The idea of forming a national employees association was born in February 1984 in the basement of the Hilton Hotel in Denver, Colorado.







* Key moments in the creation of NCDEA


Vote to form NCDEA

Conservation district employees were surveyed in 1989. A committee voted in 1990 to form an employees association that would be affiliated with NACD.


Bylaws adopted

A committee of seven regional representatives voted to adopt the NCDEA bylaws at the NACD annual meeting in Reno, Nevada.

NCDEA logo

NCDEA Presidents

?? – Present: Tim Riley, Delaware

?? – ??: Irene Moore, Ohio

2009 – ??: Connie Richmeier

2007 – 2009: Cindy Moon, Illinois

2004 – 2006: Robert Dobbs, New Jersey

2002 – 2003: Rich Baden, Washington

1999 – 2002: Martha Buff, North Carolina

1996 – 1999: Shirley Ball, Arkansas

1993 – 1996: Kay Wasinger, Kansas

1992 – 1993: Donald Aron, Wisconsin

Thank you, NCDEA Presidents

We honor the NCDEA presidents who paved the way for NCDEA to continue to grow.  Their work built the foundation for the many successes that NCDEA is so proud of.

The Association’s ability to participate in national policy and program debates and to represent our 7,000 members at the national level is due to the selfless investment by each president.  On behalf of all members, each person contributed countless hours to the work of the Association.

Please pause for a moment to reflect on the sacrifices each president has made for the betterment of all members.  Thank you, NCDEA presidents!


Since the formation of NCDEA

Since the formation of NCDEA, district employees have been invited to participate in: all NACD committees, task forces, and special committees; various U.S. Department of Agriculture councils and committees; and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service’s national committees.

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