NCDEA Committees

NCDEA Committees – 2019

These are the key committees that guide the activities and inform the growth of NCDEA.

Committee Functions Members
Updated: February 15, 2019
Audit Reviews the Association’s financial reports to ensure that all reports are current and accurate *Melissa Higbee, Irene Moore, Gretchen Rank
Awards Selects and recognizes noteworthy district employees and board officials *Melissa Higbee, *Rick Mickowski, Pam Hawkins, Tom Salzer
Benevolence Sends appropriate gifts as needed to current and previous NCDEA board members in times of encouragement, illness, death of family member, etc. *Chessa Frahm, Jeanette Hale
By-Laws Reviews and recommends revisions and amendments of the Association’s by-laws for approval by the board *Gretchen Rank, Rich Duesterhaus, Jeff Parker, Tim Riley
Communications Compiles information to keep website current, compiles annual report, maintains archive *Tom Salzer, *Gretchen Rank, Chessa Frahm, Jeanette Hale, Rick Mickowski, Sarah Tunge
Events Organizes tours and nightly entertainment as fundraisers at the Association’s annual meeting *Jeanette Hale, Coleta Bratten, Hope Daley, Rich Duesterhaus, Kayleigh Evans, Melissa Higbee
Grant Seeks grant opportunities to support the activities of the Association, reviews applications for program eligibility *Tim Riley, Rich Duesterhaus, Jeanette Hale, Melissa Higbee, Rhonda Kelsch, Betty Jo Thompkins
Nominating Promotes nominations for NCDEA officer positions and recommends nominees for each office *Tim Riley, Chessa Frahm, Gretchen Rank (the Past President appoints the committee)
Past Presidents Consists of former NCDEA presidents and mentors to the full board *Tim Riley, Rich Baden, Mott Buff, Robert Dobbs, Cindy Moon,, Irene Moore, Connie Richmeier
Policy and Procedure Reviews and revises policies and procedures as needs of the Association change *Rhonda Kelsch, Chessa Frahm, Jeanette Hale, Velynda Parker, Gretchen Rank
Professional Development Creates, organizes, and conducts training opportunities for the Association’s annual meeting *Velynda Parker, Coleta Bratten, Chessa Frahm, Sarah Tunge
Scholarship Reviews applications and selects deserving recipient *Hope Dailey, *Rick Mickowski, Jeanette Hale
Strategic Planning Plans short and long-term goals and expectations of the Association *Rhonda Kelsch, Coleta Bratten, Rich Duesterhaus, Nate Hylla, Jeff Parker, Tom Salzer

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