NCDEA partners with others to strengthen conservation delivery and get more done!

“There is no better approach to solving challenges than the famous saying ‘two heads are better than one’.”1

“A partnership is two or more entities working together in a structured way to achieve a desired outcome.”2

“Through partnerships we can contribute our part and also reap the benefits of others’ efforts. We can accelerate learning and distribute skills and knowledge. Also, we can add depth and breadth to our community impact.”3

Just as conservation districts partner with others to achieve positive outcomes, so too does the National Conservation District Employees Association.

A primary example is the National Conservation Planning Partnership. Five partner organizations work together in the NCPP:

These five partners have found that their core values and long-term shared purposes are well aligned for conservation planning and the delivery of conservation services. Each organization brings complementary strengths to the partnership.

Why partner?

Partnering improves outcomes! Collaboration, strategic alliances, and similar activities can create advantages for the organizations who join forces to solve specific issues. Partnerships leverage capacity and energy to achieve more than one partner alone could achieve.

We partner with the National Association of Conservation Districts

Task Forces

  • Conservation Technical Assistance Task Force
  • Farm Bill Task Force
  • Annual Meeting Planning Team
  • Urban Grants Evaluation Team

Resource Policy Groups

We are core partners in NCP and NCPP

National Conservation Partnership

The National Conservation Partnership is a fundamental partnership for NCDEA.

  • National Conservation Partnership Leadership Team
  • National Conservation Foundation
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) National Employee Development Board

National Conservation Planning Partnership

NCDEA is a core partner in the National Conservation Planning Partnership (NCPP)

  • Leadership Team
  • Communication and Messaging Action Team
  • Partnership and Leverage Action Team
  • Performance, Goals, Outcomes Action Team
  • Technical Processes, Training and Development Action Team
  1. The power of partnerships: Why businesses are better together
  2. The Power of Partnerships
  3. Partnerships: Frameworks for Working Together

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