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How this website is hosted and managed, the terms of use, and our privacy policy


The NCDEA website is built on WordPress, a popular and powerful content management system.  It is currently hosted on a plan donated by a conservation district.  The service hosting the site is WPEngine.


NCDEA Board members cooperatively manage content on this site.  Implementation is managed by a webmaster.

Terms of Use

Our terms of use govern your use of this site and the content we provide.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy explains what kind of data we may collect and how it may be used.


If you would like NCDEA to change how we have published the content you provided, or if you would like us to remove it from our website, please contact the webmaster.  We will strive to quickly resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

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Please contact the webmaster if you have questions about this site or the content housed on it.

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