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The National Conservation District Employees Association (NCDEA) was created in 1992.  Its mission is to strengthen and promote the conservation district programs by providing assistance, information, and representation and by supporting the professionalism of conservation district employees.  NCDEA represents over 8,000 conservation district employees nationally.

Purpose of the Awards Program:  The Outstanding Conservation District Professional and Outstanding Conservation District Board Member awards are presented annually to recognize professionalism and dedication in the people behind the nation’s conservation district programs.  The program began in 1998.

Eligibility:  All District Employee Professional nominees must have been employed for three (3) years by their District at the time the nomination is filed with the appropriate state and/or regional organizations.  All District Board Member nominees must have four (4) years of board service at the time the nomination is filed with the appropriate state and/or regional organizations. Applications that have been submitted in the past, and were not winners, may be resubmitted.

Current NCDEA Board members or candidates for the NCDEA Board of Directors are not eligible to be nominated for the Outstanding District Professional Award until at least one year after they have left the Board of Directors or are no longer a candidate for the NCDEA Board of Directors.

Nominations may be submitted by conservation district employees, conservation district employee associations, conservation district boards, state conservation agencies, NRCS, NACD, and other associated conservation professionals.  Through its conservation district employee association, each state (or province) is eligible to submit one entry to its respective NCDEA region for each of the two awards: an employee and a board member.  If a state does not have an employee association, interested persons should contact their regional NCDEA representative for submission instructions.  Each region is eligible to submit one entry to the NCDEA Awards Program Chair for each of the two awards.  All material submitted becomes property of NCDEA. Decisions of evaluating committees are final and not subject to appeal.  Past national winners are ineligible.

These awards are judged solely on the basis of the written information provided.   Nominations need to be written clearly, and with specificity.  NCDEA urges the nominator to go over the nomination form after it is written and check for accuracy, adding any items or thoughts he or she wishes to include in their nomination.   

Presentation of the National Awards:  The national award winners will each receive a plaque. One luncheon ticket to the NCDEA hosted luncheon at the NACD Annual Meeting will also be provided.  A news release will be sent to the winner’s local paper and a letter to the winners board announcing their achievement. The national award(s) will be presented at the luncheon. Winners will be encouraged to attend, but are NOT required to be present to accept their awards.

The award recipient’s name will be kept confidential until time to announce the awards during the NCDEA annual business meeting held during the NACD Annual Conference if at all feasible.

Other:  The Evaluating Committee and NCDEA reserve the right not to award a winner if they feel the criteria has not been met by the nominations provided.

Contact Name, Paper Name, address, phone number and email address, if available.
Awards will be judged on contribution to professionalism, strengthening and development, initiative, innovation and resourcefulness and overall leadership in natural resource conservation as a district employee or official with the following scale: 10% District Level 20% State Level 20% Regional Level 30% National Level Community Service will be 20%. Please include a short narrative explaining how the nominee has contributed to the advancement of conservation districts, conservation district employees, and overall leadership in natural resources. (1,000 words or less)

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