Jeanette Hale

Greetings from Arkansas!

A late-comer to conservation districts, I assumed the role of district coordinator for the Pope County Conservation District in Russellville, Arkansas, in February 2008. When asked to consider the position and give up retirement, I thought it would only be for a short time, but quickly found that I love the work, the people and the results of putting smart conservation practices on the ground.

It is an honor to serve and work hand-in-hand with the district employees and our partners to bring about education and professional development. Challenges greet us each day in many different ways, whether it is by way of technology, continuing education or funding opportunities. It is my pleasure to work with the NCDEA board to assist district employees as we embrace those opportunities.

A little personal history….I first served the South Central region as director starting in 2010. In 2012, I was elected to the position of member at large where I served until 2014 when I was elected vice president of NCDEA. In 2016, I was elected to the position of treasurer and am happy to continue to serve in that capacity. It has been my joy to have spent the last 4 years raising my granddaughter and having the opportunity to show her first hand the value of our national conservation family, our combined goals and mutual desire to make our community, state, region and country as environmentally healthy and successful as is possible.

I welcome any questions or comments concerning NCDEA, our mission, goals and finances at anytime.

I consider it an honor, and I thank you, for the opportunity to serve you as treasurer of NCDEA.

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