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July 16, 2019by ncdea

RHODE ISLAND, Southern Rhode Island CD – The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service is offering financial and technical assistance to aquaculture oyster producers through its Environmental Quality Incentives Program. Producers can apply for aid in creating new reefs in approved areas.

Applications for complete oyster reef restoration must be received by Friday, Aug. 16. For more information or to apply, contact the Southern RI Conservation District…

Source: Federal grant funding made available for oyster growers in Rhode Island | Westerly |

July 15, 2019by ncdea

NEW YORK, Warren County SWCD – The Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District has some interesting water-quality projects underway, and a group of state and local officials got a tour of a few on Wednesday. Several could be seen at Gurney Lane Recreation Area in Queensbury.

Nick Rowell, a natural resource specialist with the district, said a 630-square-foot rain garden helps filter stormwater on the site. The plants suck up nutrients. Too many nutrients in water bodies can lead to problems like algal blooms.

Source: Floating islands, rain gardens and more help protect local water quality | Local |

July 15, 2019by ncdea

NEW YORK, Niagara County SWCD – The Niagara County Soil and Water Conservation District is working toward eradicating the invasive species Japanese knotweed in Niagara County.

Japanese knotweed grows aggressively in riparian and disturbed areas and can have detrimental effects on infrastructure. Due to a thick canopy, there is little to no vegetative ground cover in a knotweed patch and the exposed bare soil is susceptible to erosion which poses a threat to riparian areas.

The Soil and Water Conservation District has received a Cooperative Weed Management Area grant through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative to help eradicate the plant. Multiple patches of knotweed have been treated for several years in the Eighteenmile Creek watershed and the eradication program is being expanded throughout the county with this grant. Sites are being identified and prioritized for the eradication efforts.

Source: Efforts being made to eradicate Japanese knotweed | Local News |

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NASCA Executive Director Mike Brown is meeting today with the NCDEA board of directors. Our partnership with state operating agencies -- through NASCA -- is critical in assuring an effective conservation delivery system across the country. #NCDEA #NASCA #ConservationDelivery ...

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Our discussions with Mike Brown (Executive Director, National Association of State Conservation Agencies) are always tremendous. Mike has been, and continues to be, a great help to NCDEA.

Here we see NASCA ED Mike Brown (left), NCDEA ED Rich Duesterhaus (middle), and NCDEA Past President Tim Riley (right). #NCDEA

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