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When you send us your news item or job posting, you expand your reach and provide a valuable service to the entire Conservation Partnership.

NCDEA is happy to share news about members and conservation districts.  We also value posting job announcements from conservation districts and partners.

Terms and conditions

What you need to know before submitting news items and job announcements to NCDEA

When you submit your content to NCDEA, you are agreeing to the following conditions:

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Requesting changes and filing complaints

How to request a change to a posted item or tell us why something is inaccurate or inappropriate

If you would like NCDEA to change how we have published the content you provided, or if you would like us to remove it from our website, please contact the webmaster.  We will strive to quickly resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

Send us news and jobs!

Help spread the good news about your conservation work! Use the submission form to submit news and job postings to NCDEA.

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NASCA Executive Director Mike Brown is meeting today with the NCDEA board of directors. Our partnership with state operating agencies -- through NASCA -- is critical in assuring an effective conservation delivery system across the country. #NCDEA #NASCA #ConservationDelivery ...

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Our discussions with Mike Brown (Executive Director, National Association of State Conservation Agencies) are always tremendous. Mike has been, and continues to be, a great help to NCDEA.

Here we see NASCA ED Mike Brown (left), NCDEA ED Rich Duesterhaus (middle), and NCDEA Past President Tim Riley (right). #NCDEA

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2 days ago

National Conservation District Employees Association
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