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August 22, 2019by ncdea

MINNESOTA, Lake Minnetonka CD – Lake Minnetonka boaters can now report invasive species using a new online mapping tool from the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District.

The conservation district launched the online tool in July and has since been inviting boaters to report invasive species and vegetation (unwanted or desirable) exactly where they saw them.

“If you’re out on the lake, you can actually do it on your phone fairly easily. Or, if you come in and you want to put it onto the map, you can do that from a computer as well,” said Vickie Schleuning, executive director of the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District.

Source: Lake Minnetonka boaters can use new mapping tool to report invasive species | Wayzata |

August 12, 2019by ncdea

MINNESOTA, Lake Minnetonka CD – A relatively new invasive species is showing up in lakes in the Twin Cities metro area and its presence has sparked an effort to keep it from spreading into Lake Minnetonka.

Experts say they want to get the word out about the Starry Stonewort because it threatens the water and possibly your water.

The aquatic invader has Vickie Schleuning, of the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District, very worried.

“The different part of his is that it’s very invasive once it captures the area,” she said.

Experts with the District are working to make sure the species stays out of the popular and massive Lake Minnetonka. The Lake’s shoreline is just a few miles away from Medicine Lake.

“It can impact property values, the fishing, the swimming, boating, all of that is affected in all of this,” said Schleuning.

Source: Experts worry as invasive Starry Stonewort nears Lake Minnetonka – Story | KMSP

January 29, 2019by ncdea

MINNESOTA, Lake Minnetonka CD – The Lake Minnetonka Conservation District board has decided to suspend its mechanical harvesting program on Lake Minnetonka until an aquatic invasive species specialist completes a full review of the program.

Source: Conservation district will likely suspend aquatic invasive species harvesting program in 2019 | Excelsior/South Lake |

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