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September 27, 2019by ncdea

MONTANA, Ruby Valley CD & Madison CD – The Missouri River basin area incorporates 529,300 square miles. The health of its headwaters in southwest Montana affect the rest of the river and the large area that it benefits. Through the Montana Watershed Coordination Council (MWCC), which unites and supports Montana’s watershed communities to promote a healthy and productive landscape, the Missouri Headwaters Partnership (MHP) functions as a coalition of local of local watershed organizations in four counties.

MWCC and MHP convened for a three day watershed tour across the Missouri Headwaters basin. The group came through Madison County to observe and learn about successful projects of the Ruby Valley Conservation District / Ruby Watershed Council and Madison Conservation District on Sept. 12.

Both projects focused on uniting conservation, agriculture and restoration, and working with private landowners to benefit the watershed communities of the Missouri Headwaters.

A group of about 75 joined the tour, including students from the University of Montana Western, conservation groups, landowners and ranchers.

Source: Watershed approach to natural resource management | The Madisonian

January 4, 2019by ncdea

Montana has 58 conservation districts, but the Madison Conservation District (MCD) recently joined a list of a dozen or fewer to put a strategic plan in place.

“As a conservation district, we have a really broad scope that covers a lot of natural resource areas,” says Water Programs Manager and board chairman Ethan Kunard. “The goal was to define what the conservation district’s focus should be. What are our values and our vision?”

Kunard says the conservation district is in a position to be a community leader and mediator, facilitating some of those unpleasant yet necessary conversations where differing values may clash, such as balancing conservation and recreation, or development and agriculture. But with the right approach, different ideas can be brought together for the betterment of the community, the environment and the economy all at once.

Source: Madison Conservation District maps future | The Madisonian

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