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October 28, 2019by ncdea

MICHIGAN, Missaukee CD – Mark Johnson, an agriscience instructor at Wexford-Missaukee Intermediate School District, is teaching his students about the industry of forestry; but they’re not just sitting in the classroom, he’s taking their work outside.

“School forests are one great way that schools can incorporate a natural resource curriculum into what otherwise might be a general science or environmental studies sort of class,” says Johnson.

In a recent poll by the Missaukee Conservation District, only some Wexford-Missaukee intermediate school district teachers know that they have this outdoor resource. That’s why the Missaukee Conservation District wants to raise awareness and help teachers for all ages take their lessons out of the classroom.

Source: Conservation District Creates Awareness about School Forests – 9 & 10 News

October 23, 2018by ncdea

MICHIGAN, Missaukee CD — Conservation Districts address many aspects of natural resources — working with landowners, recreators, educators, students of all ages and others to learn about and maintain the positive interaction of soil, water, animals, plants, air and people. Missaukee Conservation District has been in existence since May 1949 and we continue to serve our community in a variety of aspects. Given the diversity of needs and issues, it’s important to partner to provide a bevy of services and programs.

Source: Conservation Partners: Learn how conservation district partnerships work in community | News | cadillacnews.com

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