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December 11, 2019by ncdea

To all Conservation Partner Employees,

The National Conservation Planning Partnership (NCPP) has partnered with NRCS of the Future team to enhance quality, improve responsiveness, and ensuring the delivery of science based technical assistance from technically sound conservation planners.

To assist with the distribution of materials and sharing updates across the Conservation Partnership, attached you will find a featured article for the Conservation Desktop.

The Conservation Desktop application is an enhanced tool that enables conservation partnership planners to provide technical and/or financial assistance to customers in a simpler and faster way. This application is part of a national effort to make meaningful changes and improvements to all programs and services to streamline processes, improve efficiencies, incorporate technology, and improve communication and data availability.


The National Conservation Planning Partnership and NRCS of the Future

NCPP - Conservation Desktop Briefer Final December 2019

July 30, 2019by ncdea

To all Conservation Partner Employees,

The National Conservation Planning Partnership (NCPP) is utilizing input from across the country as it develops plans to reinvigorate conservation planning.

In 2018, the National Conservation Planning Partnership (NCPP) conducted eight listening sessions across the country by soliciting feedback from the conservation delivery partnership on conservation planning. The participant feedback has provided leadership with a comprehensive picture of the current opportunities and needs related to conservation planning, program delivery and practice implementation. More than 450 questions and comments were received from over 1,035 listening session participants, which included employees, producers, conservation district supervisors and various partners from across the nation.

Attached please find the all employee letter detailing the ongoing work to date along with the listening session report that will provide detailed information compiled through the sessions in question.


All Employee Letter

Final All Employee Letter for Listening Session Report-Signed

Listening Session Summaries

Listening Session Summaries Report - All Comments-final2

August 1, 2018by ncdea

National Conservation Planning Partnership co-chairs Astor Boozer (Natural Resources Conservation Service) and Mike Brown (National Association of State Conservation Agencies) recently sent a letter to conservation leaders about the NCPP listening sessions.

The text of the letter is shown below.  Downloads of the letter in PDF format and a briefer on the NCPP are available below the letter, as are maps about conservation planners across the country.

Subject: National Conservation Planning Partnership Joint Letter

July 12, 2018

Greetings State/Territory Conservation Partnership Leaders,

Great things are happening throughout the country to reinvigorate conservation planning on private lands and we wanted to take an opportunity to update you.

As you know we have been holding listening sessions for the partnership employees and some selected conservation district supervisors and producers. We have conducted sessions in Indiana, Minnesota, Texas, Washington and New York and have plans to hold three more in, Nebraska, North Carolina and Wyoming.

A primary purpose of these listening sessions is to share in-depth details on the status of conservation planning, its future and hear feedback from all. These sessions have provided invaluable feedback directly to the NCPP and state leaders from our employees regarding challenges they see in delivering conservation planning assistance to customers. Listening sessions recordings and frequently asked questions or comments will be distributed in the future.

We completed the first round of “What Works in the Field” webinars for conservation planners. Those webinars were recorded and can be accessed here:

We are pleased to announce a new learning series for partnership leaders called “What Works for Leaders.” This series of podcasts includes informal discussions with state and regional leaders about their conservation planning implementation process, challenges, barriers to overcome, and personal philosophy. Information on podcasts will be forthcoming.

Many state partnerships are now implementing their plans to align with the new NRCS Conservation Planning Certification Policy to assure we have a documented system of a well-prepared workforce to deliver conservation planning. The National Employee Development Center and Conservation Planning Division have worked together to update Ag Learn planning courses along with a suite of formal classroom-type classes. Several states have developed innovative training course procedures in addition to on-line courses. If your state has developed new courses, incorporated new methods of delivery, or contracted with an outside source to develop and/or deliver training, please share by uploading it to the Conservation Planning Training Implementation Ideas folder. Finally, we have attached maps that highlight the status progress of conservation planning [training/certification] in most states as of May 2018.

If your state’s conservation partnership leaders have not had the opportunity to meet and discuss the work underway through the NCPP we encourage you to schedule a meeting soon. Attached are our latest talking points. We can provide a power point and other assistance as needed.

We are preparing to promote conservation planning with a national public campaign. Our first step is to share information with at least a sampling of national partners such as commodity, farmer/agricultural, and conservation organizations before moving forward on a national scale. Watch for more information on this including doing some soft pilot testing in a few states. We assure you we will continue to provide updates prior to any nationwide marketing efforts.

Please share this information with your employees and members to help us keep the communications channels open as we work together to provide high quality customer service for America’s private landowners.


/s/ Astor Boozer, Regional Conservationist     /s/ Mike Brown, Executive Director, NASCA


National Conservation Planning Partnership Joint Letter

NCPP Briefer

NCPP-Briefer edited 7-13-18

Status: Conservation Planners

All Conservation Planners
All Certified and Master Certified Conservation Planners
Partner Conservation Planners
Partner Certified and Master Certifed Planners

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