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September 16, 2019by ncdea

NEW HAMPSHIRE, Belknap County CD – The Belknap County Conservation District reported 2019 as a banner year.

Recent successes include $229,114 in major grants for conservation projects, 110 volunteers contributing time valued at $55,946, seven workshops and an upcoming Stream Restoration Conference on Oct. 17 at Gunstock Mountain Resort, and a statewide meeting of New Hampshire Association of Conservation Districts scheduled for Oct. 18 at The Margate in Laconia.

“Our Conservation District is making great strides, improving streams, fish and wildlife habitat and getting surplus produce from farmers to people in need,” said Donna Hepp, the organization’s chair. “It is amazing what we’re able to accomplish with a one-person staff, dedicated volunteers, and great partners.”

Source: Successful Year for Belknap County Conservation District | Outdoors |

July 8, 2019by ncdea

NEW HAMPSHIRE, Cheshire County CD – In a project headed by the Cheshire County Conservation District, by this fall Sun Moon Farm could host a 95-kilowatt ground array which would generate power not only for Sun Moon Farm but for other agricultural pursuits around the region.

“We had been very interested in a community-supported solar model to benefit farms in the region,” Amanda Littleton, the district manager for the Cheshire County Conservation District, said Wednesday. “Electricity costs can be so high for farms, particularly if they have things like greenhouses, cooling systems, dairy farms or maple syrup operations. This could be a great way to improve profitability and viability for farms as a business.”

Source: Monadnock Ledger-Transcript – Rindge’s Sun Moon Farm to participate in a community solar project

April 15, 2019by ncdea

NEW HAMPSHIRE, Cheshire County CD – For local farmers, finding assistance in working their land generally isn’t that much of a problem, as there are quite a few governmental agencies willing to weigh-in with advice and leads on tool rentals. For the smaller home farmers, working on a couple of acres or less, the situation becomes somewhat problematic, as there is a bit of a hole in the support system for these folks…The equipment in question is a walk-behind BCS Tractor, a device suitable for small-scale farms, landscaping and home use.

“This is a new piece of equipment which we have purchased with help from a USDA Crop Block Grant, in partnership with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service,” said Lola Bobrowski, outreach coordinator for the Cheshire County Conservation District. “This equipment allows us to reach out to the smaller-scale farmers out there and give them the support they need.”

Source: Tractor Training

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