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October 5, 2019by ncdea

NORTH DAKOTA, Grand Forks County SCD – Mats of cattails and green duckweed. Plastic bottles. Large pieces of foam sheeting. Cans. Blocks of wood. Balls of all shapes and sizes, including a basketball and volleyball.

Cleaning up the mess would be a big job, but that was the task facing Justin Parks, watershed coordinator for the Grand Forks County Soil Conservation District, and his co-workers, Jill Kvasager, Joshua Moe and Ryan Thorson.

While Kvasager and Thorson tackled the job from shore, Parks and Moe gathered debris from a canoe with garden rakes and a landing net. By the time they wrapped up the job, they had collected some 200 pounds of trash. The work wouldn’t have been out of place in an episode of “Dirty Jobs,” the reality TV show that ran from November 2003 to September 2012.

Source: Cleaning up the coulee: Trash removal just one piece of the puzzle in improving English Coulee water quality | Grand Forks Herald

June 2, 2019by ncdea

NORTH DAKOTA, Burleigh County SCD – Though many fields in the area remain damp from the wet, cool spring, the staff at Menoken Farm are finding plenty of projects to keep them busy, like no-till planting potatoes, working in the high tunnel garden, experimenting with biochar and making worm juice.

Menoken Farm is a conservation demonstration farm in central North Dakota. The farm is owned by Burleigh County Soil Conservation District and receives additional funding through the North Dakota Department of Health Water Quality Division and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Made up of 10 fields, the farm focuses on soil health through five principles: soil armor, minimal soil disturbance, plant diversity, continual live plant/root and livestock integration.

Source: Conservation demonstration farm stays busy with no-till potatoes, high tunnel, biochar and worm juice | Grand Forks Herald


January 13, 2019by ncdea

NORTH DAKOTA, Bowman-Slope SCD – The Bowman-Slope Soil Conservation District has completed a draft Natural Resource Policy Plan. The District and Counties developed this Plan as a tool which allows a local government to have a substantive impact on federal decisions, plans, policies and programs. In fact, federal agency consideration of a local land use plan, or resource plan, can play a key role in the success of a local government engaging as a cooperating agency or with consistency review under the National Environmental Policy Act, coordination under the Federal Lands Policy and Management Act or National Forest Management Act as well as assisting in the Governor’s consistency review.

Source: Creation of Natural Resource Policy Plan · The Bowman Extra

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