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July 11, 2019by ncdea

OREGON, East Multnomah SWCD – The recently released Census of Agriculture shows that farmland is being lost in the Portland area at a rapid rate.

The depletion can be attributed to several factors, including an aging farming population and increasing land costs. Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties saw farmland lost at a rate of 1 acre every hour from 2012 to 2017, according to the census.

But the agriculture industry has developed a permanent farmland protection thanks to a deal made by the East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District (EMSWCD).

The EMSWCD closed a deal in late July that ensures 57 acres of land near Oxbow Regional Park in Gresham will be maintained as farmland.

Source: Portland area conservation district tests new ways to stop loss of farmland – Portland Business Journal

June 12, 2019by ncdea

OREGON, Harney SWCD – The Harney Soil and Water Conservation District is recruiting for three positions: district manager, administrative assistance, and rangeland monitoring technician. This is sage grouse country so these jobs represent an opportunity to contribute to the good work that conservation districts are doing to support sage grouse populations.

Source: Employment | Harney Soil & Water Conservation District HSWCD

June 6, 2019by ncdea

OREGON, Clackamas SWCD – Last summer Clackamas Soil and Conservation District began a campaign to persuade landowners to “soil their undies” in an effort to determine the health of the soil in their garden.

According to Lisa Kilders, education and outreach program manager, “Being the first year for this undertaking, we were not sure what to expect. Lots of jokes, of course, but we learned a bit as well.”

The follow-up of the soil experiment yielded three landowners with no cotton left when they dug up the “experiment,” three with very little left, and two with very little decomposition (and evidently very sterile soil). Two unlucky landowners could not find their buried underwear.

Source: ‘Soil Your Undies’ deemed a success

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NASCA Executive Director Mike Brown is meeting today with the NCDEA board of directors. Our partnership with state operating agencies -- through NASCA -- is critical in assuring an effective conservation delivery system across the country. #NCDEA #NASCA #ConservationDelivery ...

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Our discussions with Mike Brown (Executive Director, National Association of State Conservation Agencies) are always tremendous. Mike has been, and continues to be, a great help to NCDEA.

Here we see NASCA ED Mike Brown (left), NCDEA ED Rich Duesterhaus (middle), and NCDEA Past President Tim Riley (right). #NCDEA

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