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August 31, 2019by ncdea

WASHINGTON, Skagit CD – Federal money is helping Skagit County dairy farmers better manage manure while lessening the environmental impacts of the farms.

The Skagit Conservation District works with farmers to help them manage natural resources on their properties. Manager Bill Blake said there is interest in using EQIP funds for irrigation efficiency, such as the installation of sprinklers to water crops.

Blake said the district relies on a combination of state and federal money to assist farmers.

Emmett Wild, the conservation district’s farm/natural resources planner, said he worked with the [Wesen Organic Dairy] farm to install a “sand cannon,” equipment that separates manure from sand, which is reused for cow bedding.

“It’s really simple, low energy and provides a healthy, clean bedding surface,” he said.

Source: Federal funds help farmers mitigate manure

July 28, 2019by ncdea

WASHINGTON, Skagit CD – The Skagit Conservation District submitted a tax request Thursday to the Skagit County Board of Commissioners to help pay for the district’s services.

The request proposes that property owners pay $5 per parcel, owners of agricultural-natural resources land pay $1 per parcel, and forest land owners pay $3 per parcel.

That would generate $273,970 a year for services including urban and rural forestry, education and outreach, and technical assistance to landowners for natural resources management, according to the district.

The district is pursuing the request due to a loss in state funding that has impacted its level of service and staff hours, Skagit Conservation District Manager Bill Blake said.

Source: Conservation district files tax request | Local News |

May 28, 2019by ncdea

WASHINGTON, Skagit CD – With less precipitation than normal so far in 2019 and snowpack in the North Cascades depleting rapidly, conditions are already abnormally dry and much of the western side of the state has been declared in or at risk of drought.

Al Craney, a forester who works with the Skagit Conservation District, is on a mission to determine just how many homes in Skagit County are at wildfire risk due to their proximity to forest lands or other fuel-rich environments.

He’s helping the Skagit County Department of Emergency Management develop a Skagit County Wild-Urban Interface Wildfire Hazard map. It will be a tool to help residents understand their risk and for first responders to use when evaluating a fire.

“When this is ready people will be able to look at where they are and what the risks are,” Craney said.

Source: Washington faces especially bad wildfire season – Alton Telegraph

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